EV Charge Points

There are a large number of benefits on Electrical Vehicle (EV) ownership compared to petrol/diesel cars.  Not only is the technology better for the environment but EV owners have the advantage of much lower running costs. Residents of the New Forest can benefit from SC Electric’s expertise as a premium installer for EV Charge Points.


Home EV charging points can save you money . The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) OLEV grant, can provide customers with money towards the cost of charger installation, up to a maximum of £350. The cost of home charging will vary depending on the make and model of vehicle and your home electricity tariff, but a full charge might cost as little as £3 – meaning a car could cost 2p per mile to run. Depending on its size, a home electric charging point can charge your car from flat to full in anywhere between 1 and 7 hours. A faster process than charging from the mains and costs less than charging in a public EV charge point. Unlike being reliant on public charging points, installing a home charging point gives you absolute control over when you charge your car. Most electric cars have a range of 200-300 miles, home charging will be enough for everyday use, meaning you’ll only have to top it up at public charging stations on long journeys. It has been reported that home EV charge points may be better for EV battery life. An electric car battery is no different to other batteries – charging it over and over will eventually affect how well it can hold its charge, and its efficiency will be reduced. Charging it to near full when possible, rather than just for an hour or two, might be better for it in the long run – and this will be easier to do if you have your own charging point. Home EV charging points can improve property value. There are over 200,000 electric car owners in the UK at the time of writing, and as more and more people opt to go electric, an electric car charging point can be an attractive addition for would-be buyers. Most chargers are discreet and also easy to uninstall/relocate if need be.